Ok, I have a crappy Fender frontman 15G amp. It's my first one as I am just a beginner. Well, for a while it sounded like the speaker was blown inside so I stopped playing for a while. Now I picked it back up and that isn't an issue any longer. But I get this loud humming when I have the gain on no matter how far away I am from the amp. I bought a new cord and that didn't help either.

What to do?
it could be the ground in the guitar probably just needs to be resoildered
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Unfortunately, when amps like this go south there really isn't much you can do. The cost to diagnose and fix won't be worth it. Time for a new amp me thinks.

^ +1, it doesn't hurt to try your guitar in another amp or a different guitar in your amp to narrow this down.
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thanks. I'm thinking of pickin up bass so I'll probably just toss it and sell the guitar.

I got it cheap off of craigslist, so I shouldn't have expected much.