Okay, first off I searched and couldn't find any previous posts about this subject. If there is one, I apologize.

Anyways, my band is playing more gigs and we're starting to play fairly far away. I want to prepare a toolbox to help in case anything happens on the road.

My question is: what all tools do you think a guitarist should include in a toolbox in an effort to prepare for anything that might happen before/during/after a gig?

I've got a spare set of strings and wire-cutters already.
Pliers, wirecutters and screwdrivers.

Or a Leatherman. Best tool ever.

EDIT: Also Duct tape, it fixes anything (but a broken heart)
A soldering iron is useful, but not for 5-minute repairs.

MORE EDIT: Also drum keys and something to adjust the truss rod (if you need to)
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A pair of pliars and an allen wrench set is always in my bass case. You shouldn't need a toolbox, unless your case doesn't have a storage box. If you guys are sorta touring, you should have more spare string sets. As for tools n stuff.. you don't really need much, even for setting up your instrument.
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a drum key, a screwdriver, a crescent wrench, and a towel. the towel can be used as a doorstop, to clean your instruments up, and what not. also duct-tape is a good thing to have with.

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Pliers, wire cutters, allen keys, screw drivers, batteries, duct tape, scissors, extra guitar cables, multiple tuners, portable recorder (in case inspiration hits while traveling), multiple sets of strings, extra guitar strap, super glue, screws, velcro
Everything in my Guitar case besides guitar and leads:
Spare strings, pliers (including cutting edge), Spare screws (you never know), capo, tuner, picks, screw driver, allan keys, string winder and batteries.
Thats about all you really need... i think.
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Allan Keys
Screw Drivers (bring different Sizes)
Strap Locks
strap Buttons
Duct Tape
Blu Tack
Wire Cutters
Spare Strings
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I bought a small tools set from Lowe's with screwdrivers, nut drivers and a few sets of pliers and wire cutters. I also carry a small soldering iron, cordless screwdriver with tuner winder, Multi Meter, a small guitar tuner, WD 40, guitar polish, lemon oil, graphite super glue and some small spare parts and screws. I think that's it.

extra picks
extra strings
extra mini cables of pedals...if you use them
screw driver with removable bottom that hold other bits...love that thing
wire cutters
allan key set
extra 9v if you have active PU's or pedals that use batteries

thats what I always have for myself.....also.....this duct tape thing gets me...I would never EVER put duct tape on a guitar of mine.

Tape is for arts and crafts not METAL!!
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Super Glue is my best friend, and can't forget about the phillips head and a good set of pliers.
Pretty much tools in case of guitar emergancys (allen keys, screwdrivers etc etc) cleaning supplies (in case some dickhead spills beer over your guitar ) spare strings, preferably a backup guitar!
It's also (on a more "playing" standpoint) advisable to carry a slide and picks with you a lot.
You never know when you're going to need a slide or picks