Shackled to the Bed
(White Chains)

Papers, this is the note
The one I wrote for you
These lines will tell you my story
About how I’ve been used
You’re the reason I cannot say
Those words that sew my mouth
And you’re the reason in this story
I have no reasons now
And that reason was all I had

I’ll wake up, maybe
The clock won’t spin so fast
Time flies, so early
As I hope this is the last
Because behind the truth it’s you
Holding my memories
I look behind the curtains and, I see you
Pointing your deadly finger
Oh what did I do?
What did I do?
From all I’ve had

Milk sprays, from the bottle
On the floor your reflection stares
I know, I’ve been wasted
Before this day began
And the truth would always cut
Into the edge of my mouth
As I ate with my rusty tools
Because I lost it all

And in my food I see you
Enjoying your finest steak
And beyond my pain I know there’s you
Mocking me
Inside my mind there’s you
Killing me
I always see you
Tarring into me

Smoke bakes, the surface
As I finish it off
My minds been, wasted
No turning back
I can’t sleep, my eyes are
Cold and dry as leaves
You’ve always had your way
Of doing these things
There was always a story lurking somewhere
In these flames I will escape
I didn’t think you could be so cold
And I didn’t know you could make me scream
I fall to me knees I can’t believe that I would be
The one to plea
Cry in the flames

I’ve been shackled to this chair for so long
In an all white room
They claim I’m a mad man
But I know the truth
Beside my chair I see you
Getting ready for the dive
Alexis Divine

If my heart is stone then you're Medusa