I plan on buying this guitar here soon:


everything about it is perfect for what I need the ONLY thing I don't like is the Pearl Binding around the body...thats the only thing that urks me... Is there a way I can get it painted? Like a solid blood red color or just solid black? How would I go about doing this and should I try to find a specific place to get it done? I would definately want it done professionally. Thanks for any info!
Well the binding will be sealed under clear coat so do change the colour of it would require a refinish, which would cost a lot of money.

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hmm.. ok... where could I go to get that done and how much do you think it might cost?

You could....mask off the binding (so it is exposed) then use some pinstriping enamel to paint the binding area red etc.

Pinstriping enamel does not require sanding etc. Take advice on it from where you buy it.

Look to use "On Shot" pinstriping enamel or House of Kolor if you are feeling flush.

A full refinish, could easily cost as much as the guitar.

One Shot enamels
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I have a friend who just said that he could easily sand off the binding part and paint it any color I want, gloss coating and everything. He paints cars, and all whole bunch of stuff at a shop so I trust him, but is it all as easy as that sounds? Is there anything specific I need to warn him about? I mean he said hed do it for $20 (!) which is awesome, but I want to make sure it comes out looking professional...
well you cant really "sand" off the binding because it is a piece of plastic or something else fitted in a channel that is routed around the body.

see if he could do what skeet said, masking everything off except the binding and using pinstriping enamel.

or just deal with it. cause the binding actually makes the guitar look better
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