Well I have the DKMG guitar, and I was wondering if replacing the 85 with the 81TW for better cleans? Or will it sound bad?
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Personal value thing going on, I think the 85 has more bass, but its again, how you like your cleans. Do you like them bassy or not?
I quite like the 81 in the neck, and I'm not too fond of EMGs usual combos, not too fond of EMG actives in general.
^^ Thats what I was thinking.

I'll help nonetheless...

The 60 goes in the neck for the most flexible cleans of any EMG pickup, even better than the 89, which has coil tap.

Now, if you were to put the 81TW in the BRIDGE to replace the 81, you'd have to wire a coil tap pot. And more, when you pull of on that knob, about half of the output from the pickup is lost.
Quote by SomeBlueKind
Isn't the 81 the bridge pickup and the 85 the neck?

Certainly not always the case, some prefer the 85's tone when it's in the bridge and some don't it all comes down to personal preference.
EMG have suggested spots for their models but if your looking for a really aggressive metal tone and 85 in the bridge is nice, not smooth or clean just down right dirty, ive tried an 81 in the neck before it was rather treblely and not very clean sounding at all, a 60 may be a better solution
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