Hey I'm sure this as been asked before, but here is my problem. I've got a Fender Blues Deluxe RI 40watt 1x12 and a very small apartment. I love this amp and would really rather not have to downgrade but its just too loud for my living space. I have honestly never turned the volume past 3. I feel like this is gimping my tone and at this level my overdrive (the channel not a pedal) is barely there. I also have tons of background noise and feedback (my amp will pick up this local Spanish radio station, while this was pretty funny at first, it has gotten quite annoying as of late.)

What are my options?
I want to have the option of over-driving my sound while maintaining the great tone that this amp has at a reasonable volume.

I've heard of attenuators, dunno what they are/what they do really.
Will a volume pedal help?
I'd prefer not to use headphones.

Thank you very much for the information.
Honestly, depending on what you play, you want to look for a different amp. Unfortunately, to get the gain you want you have to crank it - so yes it is a loud amp.

As far as picking up radio stations and unwanted feedback that sounds like an overly microphonic preamp tube. That's an easy check.

I have a volume pedal in my FX loop and that might help a bit but I don't know if it would be worth the investment. Also, a good true attenuator will cost $200+ and they can often rob tone so I don't think that is a good solution either. Some may disagree with that.

If you like the amp otherwise and play mostly blues and rock then an Overdrive pedal or Disti pedal may help. Basically be giving you some dirt at lower volumes.
So a volume pedal would help me to some degree?
I'm thinking about swapping the amp out for a Marshall JTM30, do you think I will have the same volume issues with this amp?