i'm looking for a new amp, i play all types of rock, some blues and some metal. i've been looking at the blackstar ht-5. i've found a good deal on a peavey valve king royal 8. if i was to get the royal 8 i would be able to get some effects, i was thinking of a boss me-70. i have a budget of €400 and i currently have a epiphone g-400. any opinions or suggestions are greatly appreciated. if you do suggst an amp i'm looking for a tube amp, that has a gain knob, a headphone out or built in attenuator, as i don't want to annoy the neighbours, and the rest of my family.

edit: i forgot to mention i can't try the amps out as i have to travel for over 3 hours to get to a place to try them out, and i can not go used as i have to travel a long distance and i can't drive yetand the used market is slightly expensive as everything where i live is expensive.
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I'd say the HT-5 qould suit you best. Great tones, good reliability and quality build.
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