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So I play an open mic usually once a week and usually just pick whatever songs come to mind in the few hours before. But I was hoping to do a kind of themed set. The theme I was going for is songs told from the perspective of something non-human. I need about five but all I have so far is:

They Might be Giants- Birdhouse in Your Soul (from perspective of a nightlight)
The Weakerthans- Plea From a Cat Named Virtute (a cat obviously)

Any others? Or any other good themes you can think of?
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I can't think of anything, although I myself have written a song from the perspective of a dinosaur. Also, kudos on liking The Weakerthans.
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Oh man, virtute is one of my favorite songs ever. Well, Virtute Explains Her Departure is my favorite. Play both, back to back!

edit: just looked down, wearing my Weakerthans t-shirt right now. Thought I'd share haha
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Apogee Duet 2 - Ableton Suite
Satanic Rites of Drugula - Electric Wizard

That is, if your up to down tuning to A# on acoustic
Subterranean Homesick Alien - Radiohead

Paranoid Android - Radiohead


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mechanical animals- marilyn manson
while my guitar gentle weeps- george harrison/the beatles
Ziggy stardust- David Bowie

damn thats all i can think off of the top of my head
*lust list*
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The Humans Are Dead by Flight of the Concords. Make sure to perfect the binary solo.
Well, my first song was Terror Train by Demons & Wizards, but looking at your songs so far, I don't think it would fit very well.

Sheep by Pink Floyd, maybe?
The Spirit of the Radio by Rush, depending on your interpretation.
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