I have a issue with getting that thick punk tone that I've been after and I would like to get some help on where to go next. For one I think my tubes are shot so I ordered new ones. I have a fender strat and a peavey classic 30, with a turbo tube screamer now and a dd-3. Settings would be helpful but what else should I do gear wise, should I go towards a new amp? Also I still have a chance to return my pedals because they are only a few hours old... I was thinking of leaning towards a boss os/2. I was thinking of putting in a new pickup but I'm not sure of doing this stuff. If I put in a humbucker I wanna find some higher quality hardware to go with to reduce hum. It seems I have a lot of noise and hum but hopefully a power conditioner would help. What do you think.
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A new pickup would be an excellent place to start. I play a lot of punk on my Strat and it sounds awesome now that I upgraded. What kind of punk sound are you looking for? Any bands you like? do you have a song in particular that could help me hear what you want to achieve?

You should be able to do punk with what you have so upgrading the pups seems logical to me. I am assuming you have a Standard MIM strat.

I'd look to something like a Seymour Duncan Custom Custom TB-11. That's what I did. As far as noise and hum, you can shield the inside cavity of your strat with copper foil while you have everything opened up. There are kits for this on-line.

If you are not comfortable with soldering then either learn how or take it to a guitar tech.
I think I am brave enough to go ahead and try and do it if I have a diagram... I have a small background in electronics.. I like a lot of different tones from blink to NOFX and then I also get into heavier blues and metal stuff every once and awhile but the punk tones are most important to me... What about exchanging pedals or amp settings?
For an amp setting try this...

edit- Also you should have the volume and tone knobs cranked up to 10 on the guitar itself

That should at least get u started. you might have to tweak the settings just a bit to fit your equipment but that's what I use with my Strat for blink covers. Sounds good to me.
If you want to change the pickup, I would say go for a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails for Strat if your guitar is an SSS or go for either a Seymour Duncan JB, or Seymour Duncan Invader if you have a HSS. The Invader is what Tom Delonge uses on his Strat
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Probably a new pickguard.. but then of course I got to thinking i should build my own guitar.. I have an older guitar that kind of shit the bed because of where i got the work done on it but that has a seymour duncan invader in it.. I wanna strip it down and redo the paint and electronics as a practice since i'm already out that guitar what more can I hurt ya know?
A humbucker is definitely the way to go

I'd advise just getting an HSS pickguard. You won't have to unsolder the existing circuit, just unscrew everything on the current pickguard, unsolder the earth and input jack leads, and transfer everything over to the new pickguard, solder the humbucker in place of the bridge single coil and you're pretty much good to go
punk tone is thick?

EDIT: Invaders
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Some of the stuff I listen to is thick and warm... maybe I'm not really describing it the way you would but thats what I say for what I'm hearing
well if you are buying a new pickguard then i would just try putting that Invader in your Strat and seeing how you like it. it would be cheaper than rebuilding your old guitar that sorta died. If you still dont like that tone then try resurrecting your fallen guitar.