Hey guys, this song is currently untitled, hence the untitled 9 title. The tuning is C major (CGCGCE) and the guitar and bass sounds are guitar rig 3. The drums are from SD2.0 (sorry the drums arent very exciting, I just put down the basic beat as the song is still under construction) so im asking for a critque of both production and songwriting, as of now try to ignore some of the sloppy playing, i literally wrote the song around 4 nights ago and recorded most of it in one take. The solo i have composed but i couldnt get the one run so i just replaced it with some tapping. and of course if you have any questions ask. C4C

Sounds good. Its actually a very nice beat, the drums are better than what I use anyway. It sounds alot like Three Days Grace, that kind of tone. I think your double tracking could be tighter, I heard it lag behind in a few places. I give you props though, I can't double track to save my life. I think a harmonizing guitar in there would spice it up a bit, since the main riff repeats alot of times, and then mabey a solo at the end.

Great job so far man.
Crit mine?
The song it self was a pretty cool catchy song. Rocking, yet structured. production wise I cant say I like the guitar tone or the drum tone, but its just what your working with. A couple of the parts you go off beat with the drums, and you also at times go a slight bit of with the guitars.

Yes my guitar and bass parts are a bit sloppy because most of them were one take, and for a final result i will re-track hopefully with a pod x3 pro (Guitar Rig isnt as bad as some say, but i think ill get better results with a pod)