Okay. I'm 17 and have been playing bass for the past 4 months. Two weeks ago i started feeling an ached feeling in my wrist. And recently it have evovlved to a slight pain in my left wrist. The pain isn't allways there and it is either on the left side or the right side, not both. It doesn't occur while playing unless i've been practicing for at least an hour allthough i usually feel it when I'm typing on the computer or similliar doing similliar actions.
So the question is if the pain caused by my guitar or years of bad keyboard ergonomics, or maybe both? Will I be able to continue playing bass? Should i contact a doctor. Maybe I should take brake for a couple of days too?

Also note that for the past 3 days I have been doing exercises to stretch my wrist before warmup, but it haven't gotten any better.
First off--check your technique. Bad fretting technique can cause undue strain on your wrists and hands. Make sure you are using a good strap and your hands aren't doing double duty by fretting and holding up your bass' neck.

Also--if the pain continues, esp with tingling or numbness see a doctor to determine if you have any other issues, such as tendinitis or CTS.
I would go and see a doctor straight away. Meanwhile, you may have bad fretting technique/hand position - your wrist should be as straight as possible (but don't tense it) at all positions on the nek.
I think my wrist positioning is okay, i do have a slight bend on it when i play on the E string, but the teacher I had didn´t comment on that. Are you guys able to keep a straight wrist when fretting on the E string. Havn´t realy thought about double dutying so I´ll work on that today. I didn´t practice much yesterday and I´ve only felt some aching pain.
I am going to put on my forum mom hat now and give you some advice. CTS and wrist injuries are nothing to mess around with. If you feel you have wrist issues and need physical therapy go see your doctor and get referred to a physical therapist or physio.

The problem with non-approved exercises is that they can, in the short or long term cause more harm than good. CTS is not fun. Wrist surgery is not fun. See a doctor, please.
Anyone here had similliar symptoms and have something to add? I´m going to call the doctor sometime soon.
I'd call a doctor right now.

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