I'm looking for a nice amp to go along with my Schecter Hellraiser and I have about $400-$600 American (can go a bit higher depending on amp). I was looking into purchasing a Peavey Vypyr 75W ($300) when someone pointed out that I'm spending $800 on a guitar and $300 on an amp, and it got me thinking that getting a way better amp = way better tone. I would only need this amp for METAL as that's the ONLY style I ever play, but a nice clean sound would be aprreciated for some Metallica and Iced Earth riffs I would definitely need an aggressive and powerful tone as I play all styles of metal from the powerful power chords of Megadeth, the agrressive riffs of Lamb of God, and the melodic shredding of Children of Bodom.

All opinions are grealty valued and appreciated

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How about Bugera? 333 or the other one whos combination of numbers escapes me right now...