Hi does anyone know if Hendrix put his Marshalls on full overdrive and then pluged in his fuzzface or did he put the amps on clean and then plug in the fuzz?
I heard someone saying, I think it was Eric Clapton, that when he jammed with Cream (upon arrival in the UK) he used to roll everything up to full and then adjust the volume control on his guitar.

Don't know if he maintained that practice though.

Do you have the same amps as he did, cos if not just try and recreate the tone yourself.
There was no gain control on Jimi's Marshall - the only way it would distort on its own would be to roll up the volume for power tube distortion.
Jimi had his whacked up pretty loud, but it didn't distort too much; he was using a low output Strat for one thing.
But yeah, he would have ran the FuzzFace through a crunchy sounding amp, but not too high gain and not too clean - find the "sweet spot" for you.
And I warn you, it will be quite noisy and screechy; even he had that problem.
the plexis were cranked pretty close to full tilt and he used the fuzz in front of the amp when needed. The fuzz's characteristics change when played in front of an overdriven amp.

A great example of this is "Like a Rolling Stone" from the Monterey Pop Festival. It's your basic strat into overdriven Marshall stack sound and then you can hear parts where he turns on the fuzz.
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would he use the fuzz kinda like an boost pedal when he needed to solo you guys think? And also I just wanna ask if he used the volume knobs to control the volume and tone, does anyone know?
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