is there an easy way or should i just bang em out? thanks in advance
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I'd say pliers, and a hammer, and a screwdriver with a square head.
There's my guess, I don't think there is any other "easy" way to do it. If there is, I can't think of it right now.
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Pliers may bend the bushings. I would try to find a dowel small enough to insert in the hole from the opposite side, and gently hammer on the dowel to tap them out.
^This. Worked on my old Strat knockoff.
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pin punch (or equivalent) and a small hammer. tap it around the rim from the underside. don't get too trigger-happy or you'll end up chipping the wood or paint.

dowel is good too, but you don't really wnat something that fits in there too closely. again, badness with paint.

using pliers and screwdrivers and shit is just asking for trouble.