So, when I buy my next bass, I'm looking to get into 5 strings or 6 strings, so I was thinking either



I really want my sound to be optimized also, right now I'm using livewire wires, but I was wondering if people had any opinions on what was the "best wire" for say... a $30-$50 price range?

Also, I was considering buying
and was wondering if anybody had opinions on this? I'm a noob when it comes to buying stuff because I've only bought my first bass and I screwed up with the amp, even though it sounds ok. I'm looking to take a leap forward because me and my friends are starting a band and the current stuff I have just won't cut it... =(
The Peavey hasn't come out yet, and won't 'til February, but current consensus is that it will be very win.

And what do you mean by wire? The patch cord/cable/etc? Monster is supposed to be some of the best, it's very sturdy, and I think it comes with a lifetime warrant (?)

I've heard lots of good about both basses, be sure to check out ibanez as well. I really enjoy their stuff, especially the sr505 + series. For that price though, you're really going to need to try out this stuff yourself.
Schecter's have good quality, but try one out first, even if its a 4 or 5 string version, because they don't always sound/feel right to some people, while many others find them fantastic. Traben's are very high quality for the price, and generally play excellently. Shop around as much as you can, try some stuff out. With that kind of money, you could also get a lot of really good high end stuff used. The amp looks like it will fantastic when it comes out, Peavey amps are generally quite good.

And monster cables are quite sturdy and come with a lifetime warranty, but the ridiculous price always turns me away. I have $10 cables that work just as well as my pals monster cables
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I do recommend the monster Bass Cables. I've found that they don't do much more than any other good quality cable in the normal bass range. But when I A/B'd my monster against a few other cables there was a good difference when I went below the low E(i was on a 5 string) So, since you're looking into five and six string basses I highly recommend monster bass specific cables.

BTW, I always thought the "bass specific" part was just a marketing gimmick. was proven wrong there. A store owner even had me A/B my cable against the ones in store and he promptly ordered some of my type.
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A wire is a wire as long as it works. People will say they can hear a difference but there really isn't. LiveWires also have a lifetime warranty so really you're quite fine with what you have.