Hi everyone,

first time posting on the forum! Basically I've been playing guitar for about a year and a half (acoustic) and I finally got an electric guitar a week ago. I've been learning some solos and i'm having trouble with the string bends. It's not that I can't bend to the correct note, but as I bend back down the strings above ring out. It's really frustrating because I've tried to palm mute the strings but it is just awkward. If its any help, i'm learning the first solo from November Rain, GNR. Thank you for your help,

its becuase of the muscial vibrations... try holding the other strings with your other fingers but dont press down... yeah
You need to learn to mute properly. Muting is not required on an acoustic, but its a big part of playing on an electric, so get used to it, and learn to do it well.
The most common bends are done with your ring finger. You also place the middle finger one fret lower and push* with it too for re-inforcement. The index finger extends out so that it lightly "covers" the one or two next lowest strings. That takes care of muting.

*actually, most of the force comes from the wrist.
When I first learned to bend I had that problem. I noticed it was my nails that were getting caught on the string above so I experamented with the angle of my fingers. Try that.