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(I appreciate that I've made a few threads over the last week or so, so apologies if its annoying, and thanks if you helped )

I was just wondering what would be "better" to advance playing-wise?
Is it better to spend an entire days practice (note that that doesn't mean an ENTIRE day, practicing, but rather the time I CAN practice in a day, usually about 2+ hours) on a single technique, such as chords (I'm trying to get better with chords), or rather divide it into many different techniques, and advance like that?

Also, just so theres no confusion, I WILL be spending parts of the time learning songs as well, to help it along, but I'm talking general practice-time-ness

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Divide it up and work on everything you can all the time.
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Spread it out. Learn it all.
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At times, I've had success with splitting the difference. All/most techniques are worked on all the time, but there is a primary focus for the week that I really work on and try to make noticeable improvement for the week. It allows you to keep everything moving forward, while giving extra love to an area that's lagging behind.
work on what you need to work on when you need to work on it. try to integrate various techniques into your own playing, or learn songs that use them.