After recently searching through ebay I came across a possible project guitar. Its a Hondo strat looking thing. The thing the owner basiclly took it apart and cant figure out how to put it all together, so he's selling it dirt cheap. Theres two days left in the auction and it hasn't broke $10. He has no reserve and with a little tlc it can be a vicious guitar. I've had first hand experience with Hondo and they're fairly nice guitars. So my question is, is it worth buying? It needs to be refinished and possiblly re-wired but it has potentional. If I do get it, do you guys think I could make a fair profit on it? So for the price of material and supplies, is there a possibillity of making something of this? I won't post the link ( so you can't buy before me ) but I'll post pics

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For a $10 winning bid, I'd buy it and upgrade all the electronics while I'm at it. Maybe even a new neck if I didn't like the original. It could be the body alone and I'd still buy it for $10.
well, you will probably need new pickups(the originals will suck) new machine heads(the originals suck and one is missing) possibly a new tremolo or fixed bridge(maybe) refinishing wont be too bad(but a lot of man hours)
The working hondos on ebay for that style are going for $300 max. It might be worth it.