Jimmy Page in da house, haha.

In all seriousness, there are some major differences between this and the hornet tonally. It has a mellower sound. Less twangy and with both pups on, I daresay it has a decent overdriven tone for rock.

The neck is much more substantial. Not really surprising on a guitar that's supposed to be a knockoff of a late 50's design. Sucky part is that they went as far as to put the truss rod adjustment in the base of the neck. But it's a cool little guitar. I just spent the better part of an hour and a half with the guitar in pieces and a can of brasso trying to de-satin/de-relic the finish.

The qualit of the wood used in the fretboard was also much much better, which I wasn't expecting.
sweet looking! I love the 12 string version, though ive never played the 6 string. I heard there great for slide to, as Jimmy so well showed...
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That is so sweet. I've never seen another one than the one that Page used. Happy new guitar day.
Nice! Always loved Page's but I've never seen another one.
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congrats, thats a beautiful specimen you have there.
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Thanks guys. Enough brasso and scrubbing has gotten the top nice and glossy enough to see some reflections in it. Dano's in the making guitars business but only in a really small way these days. I was looking for a Korean reissue from the late 90's with the stacked knobs but I wasn't willing to pay $600. Then I found out they were reissuing these again in limited numbers (6 per dealer of 5 different models) so I went ahead and preordered one.

I'm actually not that huge a page fan (at least not as much as some folks) but I wanted something different to play around with.
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Nice, HNGD!
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They're cool as hell IMO. I think that Dano's are unique both in tone and looks and proof you can get a great tone for cheap.

As you said though, the Korean reissues were great. I'm thinking about getting one myself.
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Just like Jimmy Page's when he played 'In my Time of Dying' at Earl's Court. I demand a video of you playing that... now.
This is gonna sound funny/weird/dumb, but although I like some of their songs, I don't consider myself a huge zep fan so I don't know how to play a lot of them.
Very cool. I've got the same model. Mine has different tuners though. Not sure if the original owner changed them though because the tuners on mine suck.
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i own a 63 dano(for looks), i was also pleasently suprised.

truss rod is a bugger though.

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I personally thought these felt a bit thin, and on the one I tried the pickups were at different volumes.

Maybe I just played a bad one.


Thanks. Yep, mine's kinda the same unless you dime both the vol and tone on both pups. I didn't have a chance to try one beforehand, but I watched a LOT of youtube videos, haha.

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Awesomeness! I haven't seen a new gear danny since...well probably since mine! Looks good. Congrats!

Thanks, TOLD ya I was looking for one

Everyone else, thanks for looking (and kickstartkiss, the TR is a pain on this one too)