So I own an Alesis "GuitarFX" multi-effects pedal, which suits my needs fine except for one annoying detail.

The problem is, whenever I have some of the "trippier" effects on (delays, reverbs, tremolos, etc.) even when I turn the effects off, it still colors my sound slightly to the point where it gets annoying when playing very echo-unfriendly things like chords.

Now I have never used and know very little about these but would a noise gate stop this, or do they only stop things like the humming off single-coils? If it helps, I use a Fender Mini-Deluxe practice amp (decent amp for the money, but then again it's forty bucks).
I doubt a noise gate will fix it. You are right its more for killing buzz and hum, etc. Maybe a loop would be the way to go to hardwire it out of your signal chain when not in use. This is the cheapest simplest thing I could find using google. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001TK2ZQM
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Like the others said... its a problem that a noise gate won't solve.
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The Mini Deluxe is a noisy, muddy little bastard. I bought one 4 years ago for a vacation amp and gave it to my cousins because it was so bad.
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