I really really want a kp3. only minus the kaoss part. Basically, I want the sampling part. My dream it to have a guitar with the sampling capability built in, so I can play something, record it, loop it, and essentially be a DJ guitarist. Any who, anyone know of any such thing?
There is tons of looper pedals.
Good ones to. They'll do exactly what you want.
How do you get a KP3 minus the KAOSS part?
I'm assuming KP3 Stands for KAOSS Pad 3, but you just want a Pad 3?
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^Maybe you should research it before posting then.

TS, a good looping pedal would do exactly what you're asking.
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is there a way I can take the pedal out of the chassis and put it in a guitar? I want all the technology to be right in the guitar.
The guitar and pedal in question would be the biggest factor. Although it seems your going to a lot of trouble to put this in your guitar when it's going to be more convenient on the floor because to operate it on the guitar you're going to have to stop playing to push a button whereas you can just step on a pedal while playing.
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You could probably put such a device into a guitar, assuming the guitar was big enough to hold it. Guitars have been built with organ tones, synthesizers, plug-in modules, etc., so why not a looper? But there will likely be drawbacks. Les Paul put all sorts of devices in and on his guitars, but the result was that the guitars ended up weighing a freaking ton. It might also have a detrimental effect on the instrument's tone.