I'm looking to buy a amp. My band plays Punk, and more hardcore suff like Atreyu but i would also like to be able to play more alternative like Incubus and Say Anything. We will be playing shows with about 100-200 people. I will be playing with a Epiphone Les Paul Ultra.

I have been looking at Peavey's and Line 6's.
like 400. and im ok with used
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try bugera, used marshall tube amps, higher end line 6 stuff used, you could get a flextone which are extremely verstile and great sounding for an ss amp. look around some guitar shops, take your guitar and plug in and dial in some eq settings on different amps in your price range
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stay away from solid states. tube amps provide a kind a growl that cannot be replicated. i have had terrible experiences with line 6 amps and products - they're totally unreliable.