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It starts out pretty slow but then gets real heavy.

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Hi, I like pie.

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Hey man, that was rock. I liked the vibes coming off it, some cool chord forms too. The organ added an interesting touch, and that outro was so Floyd haha I dig it...I think I would have done a little more at 2:48, where you go back and forth between those two notes, that's just me though. Otherwise, solid track, it would sound awesome with some vocals.

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Damn, I personally think this is better than Floyd. The sound quality is great, very nice mixing. I really enjoyed this song, I have nothing bad to say about it except mabey needs some vocals. 10/10.

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Wow, I wouldn't say I'm better than Floyd, obviously they have a strong influence in my music, but I'm no where near the awesomeness that is Pink Floyd. Thanks for the comment though!
Hi, I like pie.

well,kinda floydish,but without any moving bassline,just plucking up and down the chords? It's a looong intro.And the heavy part is fine,but short.Nice sound,though.
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This is really nice. I can see the Pink Floyd influence. I think it could be a little bit more developed though. Maybe add a vocal or guitar melody.

This has really nice sound quality. What kind of gear are you recording with? And are those drums real or programmed?

I used Audacity(lol) to record this and I played the drums using a keyboard(lolol).
Hi, I like pie.

Really nice tone, I also like the chords. The chorus effect goes well with those arpeggios, I'm still learning how to do that properly myself. I would suggest that the bass be a bit more mobile, play the root note and then move around a little before moving to the root of the next chord, it will give the progression a stronger sense of direction.

I can hear the lead guitar during the heavier part, but I'm having trouble hearing what it's actually doing, so it was somewhat anti-climactic when it came in. The heavy part was a little washed out sounding, I'd work on getting everything clearer so that that part is stronger.
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it does compete well with Pink Floyd's song that was played in that empty stadium... or is it a field... I cant remeber the track title..

Nicely done.... Clean recording... U did this on ur own?? RESPECT!

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