I like to play clean stuff quite a bit depending on my mood and at times I like to play heavy distortion (like Metallica). What do you think would be the best way to get some better distortion out of the VK: swapping the speakers, getting an overdrive pedal using the distoration from the amp and ODing it, or using a distortion pedal without putting the gain up on the amp?

I think I won't be able to replace the speakers anyway because I only have a $95 budget.

Thanks for any input.
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Most people with Valvekings would first swap out the speakers. Many say that the stock speakers are very dull, so try that out first. That will help with muddiness coming from the amp and giving it clarity. If you want some more Drive, I recommend looking into a Digitech Bad Monkey. If you are just trying to tighten your sound with it, put the Level all the way up and the Gain all the way down.

Distortion pedals don't pair well with Tube Amps in my experience, so stay with the OD Pedals. There is a Valve king thread if you haven't seen it already that will help you A LOT more.


This thread will give you all the information you need to know.

Since you can't afford the speakers just yet, I would keep the money you have now and save up for the speakers first, then buy the OD pedal.

Good luck
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