I have a prs mira with a wrap around bridge and i was wondering if it is possible to get a tremeol bridge put in? Is it possible because I really want a tremelo bar and i know they would have to drill into the wood and do whatever but i just wanted to know can you do that. And if it is possible how much would it cost
Yes anything is almost possible with the guitar. The costs well it'll probably end up costing about half the guitar or more. And then what type of bridge are you installing because tremolo bridge is a bit generic since you can have a recessed floyd rose or non recessed or a strat style trem or a 2 point trem etc.
I think the best options for you would be a Stetsbar or a Bigsby. You would need a tuneomatic and one of the above and maybe some holes drilled. These would be your most non-invasive options. A strat style or FR trem is major surgery for this guitar.
fretz is absolutely right.
Get the Bigsby though, I've been told that Stetsbars are absolute CRAP, though I personally have never seen a guitar with one (I wonder why :P)

A Bigsby wouldn't have too much routing to be done, I believe they make ones that retrofit to Tune-O-Matic bridge posts.
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