what is the technique that you are weakest in, or might need some work?
i would say bending is my weakest, sometimes i make myself cringe. i can play some really fast stuff, but don't ask me to play some extremely slow solo that has lots of bends, because i will ruin it.
Slow alternate picking, I mean, I can go really ****ing fast, I can play Raining Blood, you know, but I can't play something just a lil' bit slower, or I'm gonna **** up...
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Quick alternate picking on multi-string runs. I feel like I'm close to the same level on guitar and bass, but I can play runs WAY faster on bass.
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sweeping...I hear guys that I feel I am a better guitarist than sweep better than me all the time...it's nuts but I just can't get it
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Straight rhythms.. I get bored with em and throw in polyrhythms wherever I can, I'm not trying to brag about my rhythm... what I'm saying is I end up over-using polyrhythms. :S
Sweeping, but its a useless skill so I don't care. I can write a fast solo and not need it. I don't wanna be a mindless shredder anyway.
fact circular picking multi string runs i can sweep and tap and shit fine but i cant circular pick fast very well yet
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Any type of shredding, really. Blues ftw!
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Pull offs are really hard for me.

I can do runs up and down with my eyes closed when it comes to hammer-ons.

Yes, poop.
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String skipping at a fast tempo.

Definitely this. Most Paul Gilbert stuff depresses me
touchstyle. Its actually easier than one may think, but i just can't coordinate my hands together enough to play really complicated stuff.
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more complex finger patterns in 5 string sweeps
like i can do this:


but not much more complex than that

EDIT: ^icwatudidthar oblivion ftw.

EDIT2:↓yeah i dont get string skipping either
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String skipping legato pulloffs... i really struggle with pulloffs in general lol
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Besides techniques I've never worked on, picking in general. For some reason I can't seem to pick for shit, which is interesting because I'm (not to a brag) a pretty damn good fingerpicker.
Excluding stuff like chicken picking that I don't have a use for: my weakest technique is string skipping sweeps.
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Prolly song writing.

I can right pretty badass leads, catchy melodies and such, but i can't seem to write a basic riff for SHIT!

my brother on the other hand, picks up the guitar and can write really realy heavy, very dark riffs almost too easily. it's frustration sometimes, but something i'm working on.
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Straight rhythms.. I get bored with em and throw in polyrhythms wherever I can, I'm not trying to brag about my rhythm... what I'm saying is I end up over-using polyrhythms. :S

This as well as song writing.

My multi string alt/economy picking needs work too.
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Memorizing long solos
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what i usually end up doing is just repeating the same pattern over and over again.
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