I started playing guitar last christmas with a breif hiatus and I need to know a song I should learn for my guitar lesson tommorow. I like bands like Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, to metal, rock, really anything.

I already know parts/all of:
Enter Sandman by Metallica
Fade to Black by Metallica
The Day that Never comes by Metallica
About a Girl by Nirvana
Heartshaped box by Nirvana
Come as you are by Nirvana.

Do you have any suggestions for a song I can learn that isnt too hard but is more interesting than just chord repetition. Thanks for your help
RATM and Streetlight Manifesto are awesome.
you can learn/master basically all of seek and destroy minus the solo in about a hour.
May I suggest Point / Counterpoint? It is just chords, but played really fast with really demanding rhythms. Might be out of your league, but it'd be fun, I can assure you that. I'm going to also suggest April 29th, 1992 (Miami) by Sublime if you're going simple.
Alice in chains: Nutshell, Them Bones, Grind, Would?, Angry Chair
Deftones: My own summer, Hole in the Earth, Change
Foo Fighters: My Hero, Exhausted, Hey, Johnny Park!, Everlong

That's all I can really think of.. I don't even know if you like Deftones or Foo Fighters but they're easy to play

You could learn seek and destroy pretty easily too
learn smells like teen spirit and for whom the bell tolls

both really easy

then try seek and destroy like everybodys been sayin
Yea bro those songs are tight but, anything by acdc is good because it may be simple but it teaches you how to keep a rhythm. Which will help you master the basics of rhythm which will aloow to step it up in difficulty in turn making you a better lead player. like have a drink on me back in black thunderstruck after the intro ( i dont know how good your tapping skills are.) those are all good songs and for metallica something the kill em all cd is great with faster rhythms with good lead play thats what i learned on. also if you go out of standard tunning disturbed and system of a down have good techniques to help you get better.