I received my True Bypass 9 switch effects looper from Loop Master yesterday. It is really nice. It didn't come with instructions, I guess because you would think a kid could hook it up correctly. I sent the owner an email, but I guess he has not got around to it yet.

The Looper starts from switch 1 on the right, to switch 9 on the left.

If I want to run my effects like I used to run them, ( RC Booster, then Compressor, Sparkle Drive, Tube Drive, PlexiTube, Fuzz Face, Jekyll and Hyde, chorus, noise gate, delay ) do I have to insert them into the switch box in that order?

I like the stacked distortion sound that I have been using. Since this box is true bypass, do I still hook them up in the order that I had them in, or will it make a difference in what order they are inserted?

It would be cool if I could have all of my distortions together 1-5, then chorus 6, Flanger 7, delay 8, tuner 9, without changing the tone that I used to have, due to stacked pedals.

I may just have to wait for Loop Master's email. I was just trying to get all my effects arranged and working today.

Here is a photo of the Looper below.

You'd just hook them up to the loops in the same order you've had them.
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I haven't been able to crank the volume loud today to see how the tone is yet, but that makes the most sense.
Loop Master contacted me. My TC Electronic's Chorus has a built-in preamp and the gain was set too high. I just got it last week, so I have not messed with it much. I reduced the gain and the problem is solved. I knew that it was not the looper, I just couldn't figure it out. It was popping so loud, I thought it would blow my speakers. Anyway, I would suggest buying Loop Master products. They make some really high quality, heavy duty, products.