Can any one recommend me a good flanger for less than $200? Ive seen the Boss BF-3 and the EHX electric mistress but I want to know if There are any more option within my budget before I go out and try them.
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The new Ibanez AF-2 seems very promising.
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The new Ibanez AF-2 seems very promising.

I tried one yesterday. It's not as good as the old A/DA it's based off of or the Homebrew modified A/DA clone but it's still a killer flanger. For $150 you can't really go wrong. The only other things I can think of new are the MXR, which is okay but is plagued by the crappy Dunlop switches and the Ibanez FL9 which is also a kick ass flanger IMO.
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I have an old MXR Flanger and its great....
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