What's the advantages to getting 250K and 500K pots in your guitar? How do I know what kinda pots my RG550 have? Any sort of explanation would be appreciated. Thanks.
500k pots allow for more treble - at least in the tone pots. Gibson guitars use 500k pots because their humbuckers have less treble than single coil pickups. Fender guitars use 250k pots because their single coil pickups have plenty of treble already. That having been said, people sometimes do put 500k pots in guitars with single coil pickups and vice-versa.
I believe, don't quote me on this, but I believe a higher K = higher resistance which means you have a greater range of control over volume... but I'm not 100%

Edit: Maybe I'm way off base....
Basically, the higher the value, the brighter the guitar will sound.

Edit: The 550 has 500k pots (if it's still all stock)
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