i havent made up a name for this song buts the lyrics are made for a metalcore or a song with a heavier edge.

I have to get out of here alive
i can't see in front of me
this mountain that i climp so high
all i see is dark in front of me
oh help me, i must survive

i climb from atop this grading trench
the dirt falls from the sky so fast
I swear this is all just a blur
I can't trudge on much longer
this whole thing is one big lie

The plunge into this water its so cold
i see the trenches deep below
The blood rains down from above
this place is holding fast
if the chains break i cannot hold
We must get out of here alive
the places i wish to go

I will not falter
I will not fail
I will do everything to prevail
I Will win
I will not back down
We will survive
this current obstacle will derive

As I'm surronded I look for escape
the place collapses
i'm sunk without an escape
I need your hand to warm me
please dont leave

Chains we broke together
we escape the darkest time
all i have to hold on to
is left so far behind
so take my hand and plunge in deep
I need you so i can sleep
third line, first stanza. Should be "climb" and not "climp" right ?

As a whole, i felt it lacked personality. It might go well with music, but aside from the last stanza which was nice imo, a lot of lines seem to me they were just throw in to make something. Try developing more of a backstory to give it some more depth, and you could get something really good.

C4C ?
I disagree I felt like I was in an Indianna jones movie on a mountain trying to escape the monster of lonliness, good work