Ok so my and my best friend are both hardcore weezer fans.
and right noaw i have a shitty little amp and was wondering what amp i could buy to get a more BLue album tone.

it doesnt have to be 300$ on the spot i planed on buying from Craigs list so anything i could buy for around 300 used

i have a MIM fender strat SSS with stock pick ups

got a big muff classic
and a boss ds1

my only thoughts so far was a peavy classic 50 212 from the 90s
any thoughts??

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The Peavey would be halfway decent for what you're trying to do, but the actual rig that Rivers used was a Gibson DC les paul with p90s into a Mesa Mark I... which is a very expensive rig. I don't really know an easy way to get that tone.

I suggest trying the Peavey with your Big Muff and seeing how close you get. I used to own a Classic 50 and it served me well.


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