We are a funk and classic rock band with some own materials. It sounds weird to introduce members in the middle of a gig without something special.

So, we decided to play the intro of a cover in the middle of the gig and let the vocal introduce our band members (and insert some improvisation when the vocal introduce a member with the rest of the band playing the same riff). Then we proceed on the cover and stop after the chorus, then we play an original song which shares the same key with the cover.

So we need a song that had got a repeatable and catchy intro riff.

We tried to do it with "Immigrant Song" from Led Zeppelin but the guitar riff was too dominant that the vocal cant speak clearly.

Any good songs for recommendation? thank you!
Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder... However, do it more fast paced like the Chili Peppers cover...
I think those kind of songs are pretty annoying. I'd just do a shout out when someone does something impressive in the regular setlist.