It has been one bad year
Every day seemed to have pass by without meaning
And without any profit
Like waking up at the awful hours of dawn
To find out the crops
Had been ravaged by your own scarecrows
And its not entirely their fault

I sat on my swing playing the chords to "Time of Your Life"
Only embracing the sound of the bronze coated strings
I never sang a single word
No human voices could be heard
Just the artificial voices of the birds screaming
And the trees crying
While the peasants were mowing

The sky shed tears watching the horrible carnage
Hoping to wash away the mess the peasants made
But rain is just water dripping fast
Like from a leaky tap that was poorly built

I sat on my swing playing "Wake Me Up When September Ends"
By now the rain has completely drenched me
Then I looked back at the past 7 years

7 years till yesterday my greatest fear had grown
My ignorance left me for something better
My body wasted more space than it should
And my taste in music grew diabolic
It shackled me and yanked me into this place
Where torn up history written on present books
Were scorched later on
Because no one likes to see the fallout
Of an angry boy badly raised

Bizarre splashes of stained liquid had emerged in my dreams
Love had been given a bar chart
And friends had never been so disposable
I wake up everyday
With my heart hanging on the edge
Knowing the morning would have little joy
The afternoon starts to let me down
By evening I've already given up
So what happens in the night
I'd really like to know

Today is the end of the 7th year
Oh I'll be spending more time on that swing now
And playing my favourite songs
I'll wait for that "Macy's Day Parade"
And I'd think about a brand new hope
The one I've never known
Because now I know
Its all I really wanted

Happy birthday
as a greenday fan i really like this but thought it was a little bit long, thats the only thing i didn't like about it.
I thought this was a great tribute even though I'm not a fan of Green Day. I'll agree with bigmike though it is quite long, but the lyrics make a nice image - I felt though that sometimes these shifted rather too quickly and extremely and at one point I had to look at the previous stanza to see where the persona was. All in all, nice work - sounds like something that could be an epic.
Wow an epic? Wasn't expecting that but thanks man..! Hmm I agree with you guys actually this is the longest piece i've written so far..