Hi! I have an acoustic show coming up and I just ran into a problem right now. My B-52 is hissing terribly. Like it comes and goes, and I feel like it gets louder and louder, so I turned off the amp for now.

I'm plugging an acoustic-electric into it (that might be the problem) and I get terrible feedback, even with the bass down low. And the hiss comes every minute or so and lasts for about 20 seconds, and is unbearable. My ISP decimator doesn't do anything either, so I'm guessing this isn't feedback hiss, but more of a pre amp tube problem. Could it be that? A pre amp tube problem?

I haven't touched this amp in a while, and I'd rather plug my acoustic into this one cause it has reverb, which is nice for the acoustic, rather than my mesa rectifier, which doesn't have any reverb at all, and it is a lot easier to lug around for my show coming up.

SO what seems to be the problem? Thanks
not even. its probably on a 3-4 on the amp.

I looked it up and it said the hiss could be a preamp tube failure.

or is it because im playing it through my acoustic-electric
ill try that once im in my room later. as for changing pre amp tubes, is it better to just replace all of them? or is it better to target the failing one and replace that one only.
i actually dont hear anything when i tap the preamp tubes gently actually. and the volume is up around 5ish too. oh well, i guess I'll just replace all the pre amp tubes then. its been about a year and a half.

Thanks anyways
That amp is not meant to amplify acoustics, because most electric guitar amps, especially tube amps are Low-Fi amps. Meaning there is very little transparency or purity of signal. Also, your speakers are not meant to project acoustic sounds, because of the frequencies most electric guitar amp speakers are built to accentuate.
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You would be an exception rather than the rule. There's a reason most people play straight into PA through a DI box or use an Acoustic amp.
Tastes like chicken, if chicken was a candy.
I know people often play through the PA. And the SS amp I played through wa some Johnson. Sounded great, though. Most real acoustic tone I've ever heard amplified, though that's more of the transducer pickup's doing.

However, I was asking about what kind of pickup as a magnetic one would been fine. Often sounds better through a normal guitar amp.

For the record, I don't really play acoustic that often.