This is a song about the conspiracies of the world, and just how real they seem when you take a look at the people are you.


The consipracies make me sick
Screaming images of the extreme
Truth or the same sack of lies?
I can't believe what they say

You can tell me the pigs steal and kill
But can you show me the knife
That slit their full and flowing throats?

Theories of creeping corruption
An undying hypothesis
Endlessly I question
Where do these proofs lie awake;
Waiting for the world to hunt them?

The world is against us all
The human disease is hidden
In our refusals to know

Deep in the heart
There lies the stabbing belief
That something in this f*cking world
Is destroying us all
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Really happy there that I provoked some thought there haha cheers for that.
Yeah, I wasn't intending it to flow too smoothly really, I mainly write lyrics for metal and this was meant to sound like violent outbursts of thought.
I'll check out yours in a tick