My band...well group lol has only two members. Myself, who has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for 3 years, and am decent and getting better. I also play drums fluently and some piano and bass. I've been doing vocals for a year and I'm not a natural but I'm getting much better. My buddy plays drums better than me, but also plays electric guitar, some acoustic. He can do some background vocals. We like a lot of different genres from acousticy rock stuff such as Boyce Avenue or...can't think at the moment, to solid rock/hard rock, such as Finger Eleven or Three Doors Down, and some punk rockish stuff, like MxPx or Rise Against. We both have a lot of ideas and know some covers, but we are not sure where to go. We have access to professional recording equipment for free, but is it possible to start like this and find band members? Should we work on stuff and record over what we have to make songs? We are just a bit lost right now.
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Here's something to consider: if you both play multiple instruments, you can record music the same as a full band. If you gig, your live shows might not have the same intensity as your recorded music -- but if you ask me, that gives you some room to grow as a musician. You'd be amazed what a little compromise can do. You might lose that amazing harmony between the bass and guitar parts, but maybe combining the two into an acoustic piece will give it an amazingly unique and artistic flavor that the original didn't.

I mean, yeah, that's usually the point of an acoustic "cover," but the concept isn't limited to acoustic -- the piano is an amazingly versatile instrument, for example.
So live if we did record we could make a backing track minus the drums and one guitar and vocals and that might give us enough at least until we can find a couple more members to help us out.
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So live if we did record we could make a backing track minus the drums and one guitar and vocals and that might give us enough at least until we can find a couple more members to help us out.

There's that route, too, yeah.
Satyricon! I also saw a local metal band with only a drummer and bassist, so it can be done
Hmm you've certainly given me some ideas and come to think of it I remember a two piece around here acoustic and drums with kinda funky alternative stuff sounded pretty good lol.
You can just record the tracks seperatley, infact it is a technique used by some recording artists sometimes, they sit the musician (yes singular) in the studio alone with a metronome and make them play the part. Apparently it helps them play better rather than focusing on the other parts :P but you could just do this anyway because you have only two band members
You could certainly do it, as evident by all the existing 2-person bands, but IMO it's basically a gimmick anymore.
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By stripping away the influences of other instruments (and indeed people) you can give yourself a more of a blank canvas. However like anything else there are always preconceptions of how something like this 'should' sound. Here's a couple of examples - great bands IMO but the do sound similar in ways.



This could be a great opportunity for you but have a clear vision about what you want to achieve by it if you choose to go this way and make sure you post it up for us to listen to!
If you're coordinated enough, you could learn to play bass pedals (essentially a keyboard with keys large enough to play with your feet) while playing guitar to fill up a bit of sound. You wouldn't need to play it as if it was a bass guitar (i.e. doubling guitar riffs or moving bass lines) if you don't have the ability to; you could just hold long notes on it if you need to (but if you have the ability to play complicated parts you might as well).
On the plus side - fewer band members = fewer people to share gig money with...

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Get a loop station and look up some videos of Liam Finn.

There's two people in the band but Liam Finn does pretty much everything.

He;ll sing and play guitar, switch the loop station on so the riff repeats, play the solo and the get on the drums halfway through the song all the while the other chick is providing extra procusion and harmonies.

I saw these guys liuve with pearl jam and it was amazing how awesome two people can be on stage.
Drummer and guitarist. Not like you can hear the bassist anyways

It works.
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Get a third person. They're not that hard to find.
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Get to work and make the magic happen! Live performance can be worked out, get the songs written and the tracks down!
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Well you guys are an inspiration! We are recording our first cover tomorrow, Kryptonite. After that we are gonna record tracks over and do a small Christmas album to get us started writing our own stuff. I'll make sure to post all of that on here! Once I get the songs up in the bands forum, I'll link it back to here so you guys can critique us. We always need it But yeah for live he could be on drums and me on vocals and some guitar with backing tracks. You do whatcha can right? Thank everyone who replied so much awesome responses and like I said R@R once we get our cover up. Thanks!
2 piece bands can work, you could always be like Boston and have a drummer/keyboard(ist?) and a guitarist/bassist for recording in the studio. The only problem is having to hire other people for playing live...
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