hey all
replacing the neck on my jackson RR for a few different reasons
first you should know that this is a mid level RR, not sure which model, thats in the process of being rebulit...the stock neck is a 22 fret neck
im a going to replace it with a 24 fret jackson neck (diffrent fretboard/reverseheadstock)
am i going to run into any problems trying to install a neck with 2 extra frets?
theres no pickguard/electronics anywhere near the neck joint, so i really didnt think it would a huge deal, but wanted to hear some second opinions before i embarked on the endevor myself
Better keep the stock neck, your intonation will be totally screwed if you replace it with a 24 fret.
I think with a bit of modification to the heel the neck would keep the intonation correct?
if you sand the heel away but leave the fretboard overhanging (like a 22 fret strat neck) so it maintains the scale length it should be fine.
the scale length is the same on both the 22 and the 24 (25.5")
no clue what the scale length is...or if there are other measurements i need to be weary of...ive never done this before

as far as the intonation getting messed up, i was planning on taking it to my repair dude to get the neck set up afterwards anyway, im just trying to save a few bucks by installing the neck myself
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the scale length is not the matter guys. its the location of the heel in relation to the frets. where does the heel end in relation to the frets on the 22 fret neck? the heel will have to end at the same point in relation to the frets on the 24 fretter. if it ends under fret #21, then it will have to do the same on the 24 fret neck. even if it doesnt, you can sand it back to that point and the neck will work.
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i thought your neck pickup will have to be moved back to make space for the 2 extra frets(which people talk about the harmonic location of a neck pickup in a 22 vs a 24)

by adding the 24 neck wouldn't you also have to move your neck pick up back to ensure your scale length is exactly the same
Here's the skinny. The scale length is the distance from the nut to the bridge, which on your stock guitar is 25.5". The 12th fret should be exactly halfway between the nut and the bridge. The 24th fret (or theoretical location of the 24th fret if you don't have one) should be exactly halfway between the 12th fret and the bridge.

Both the necks you are looking at are 25.5" scale, which means that the corresponding frets are in the same place (i.e. distance from 1 to 12 would be exactly the same on both necks). I think you will find that the end of the heel matches up with the end of the fretboard on each neck. So if you put the 24 fret neck in with no modification, you will have changed the distance from a given fret to the bridge. For example the 24th fret will be where the 22nd should be! This problem will continue down the entire neck. The result will be that you could tune the open strings to pitch, but all the fretted notes would be off. You would have increased the distance between nut and bridge to greater than 25.5", even though your frets would still be spaced (in relation to each other) for 25.5" scale.

There are a few possible solutions: (1) move the bridge (2) make the fretboard overhang the heel of the neck (or get a neck that is designed like this) (3) route the neck pocket closer to the bridge.

(1) looks weird and may not work on your guitar if a pickup is in the way (or you have a tremelo)!
(2) modifying the neck pictured may or may not work depending on the shape of your heel and neck pocket. If not, you might be able to find a neck designed with fretboard overhang. One of these is your best option.
(3) may cause problems if a pickup is in the way.
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took it to my repair dude, hes going to get a 24 fret scale 25.5...he says it shouldnt be an issue. but he might have to move the bridge. what?
its a floyd rose licenced pos, but im switching it to an orignal sometime this month, but he said that didnt matter.

im getting an custom inlay done, so i ll post how it goes in a few weeks
Quote by cedricsmods
The 12th fret should be exactly halfway between the nut and the bridge.

Bingo - the tech is saying he may have to move the bridge to achieve this - especially if he doesn't mod the neck pocket. I switched a 22 fret neck on an old Japanese hollowbody to a 24 fret off a BC Rich, and you have to be really exact - it was a pain in the ass, but I got away with it since it has a archtop bridge which is easy to fine adjust by a mm or two. So if he can find a neck with the 12th fret in the exact same spot relative to the nut and heel it would be ideal.