right now, i am planning to being serious about guitar, and seeing as i have a cheap epiphone, i want to change the pickups. i already know that i want to have a seymour duncan antiquity humbucker in the rhythm position, and a gibson dirty fingers humbucker in the treble position. my question is, is it ok to have two different pickups from two different companies in a single guitar? is it a good idea?

My other question is that im am also saving up for a new guitar altogether. i know i want a gibson les paul, but im torn between a les paul studio and a les paul 2008 standard and a les paul traditional. as with this guitar, i will be switching the pickups to the mentioned above, so im not really caring about the pickups that come with the guitar. i just need to know the main differences between the three, pros and cons. so far, the les paul studio is "winning" my vote cause it is the cheapest, and it has the color i want, wine red.
theres nothing wrong with two different brands of pickups. With the les pauls wait till you have the money before making a strict decision you may find a deal or relize you dont like gibsons as much as you think.
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What TechnoLp said, but i'd like to add that Gibsons are seen as rather overpriced by many (including me). There are actually many alternatives out there, so I advise you to not only try out Gibsons but other guitars as well, and then decide if you still want one so badly
alright, thanks guys...

i know that i might not want a gibson, or even a les paul when i do save up the money, but no ones got any suggestions on which les paul?
probably better off asking that question in the electric guitar forum
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I may be flamed for this but have a look at the Ibanez ART series LP style guitars if you go for the new guitar route.
Also, iirc the studio is supposed to be the lowest of the range and custom is the top with standard being somewhere in the middle?
the only problem you'll have with mixing pups is if the resistances of the pups are very different (like mixing a 3k single coil with a 6k), it'll sound like ass when both are selected at the same time.

Other than that, go for it.