Flippant on your knees, feeling for the light switch
There's no honour in me, aiming pistols from where I sit


Let me decide.

It's so delicious watching you scrabble around, never knowing when you'll die. Since you've been hobbled, so helpless, I've worn this


Let her?

No, you're pushing too hard, I'll decide. Neither of has ever done anything like this before. You quickly clean up the mess while I open the cellar door. Another victim and so

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They symbolise tension and discord between two voices inhabiting a single mind.
I like the scizophrenic part of it, with 2 clashing opinions in one person. Also the fact that this person seems to be able to be two places at one time is a nice little touch that i like.

Neither of (us)? has ever done anything like this before <---- something does not feel right about this (apart from the missing "us" after "neither of").. from the rest of the song it seems "they" are both experienced in situations like this, at least one of them.

All in all it is dark and clever.