Poll: Learn songs or scales and licks
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10 18%
Scales + licks
6 11%
32 57%
Depends on what i feel like
8 14%
Voters: 56.
I searchbared this nothing came up so my question to you pit is

if you wan't to become a good player and have it transfer over to your music, should you learn other bands / artists songs and improve that way or should you run scales and licks and such everytime you practice?
and just for fun i'll turn this into a poll
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December 14, 2017
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Its pretty obvious, both.

In response to that, you could sit there and look at GP files of said bands music and just listen to the songs to get the feel for what they are doing, and work on your chops
Man i havent learned a new song in forever. What i do is listen to what theyre doing and not try to emulate but innovate. There is right way to get better at playing. That been said practice scales so you can solo in key and learn chords so you can play in key. Once youve done that you can just play and make your own shit up.
I just play songs.
I'm not patient enough to practise the same measure over and over.
And by learnings songs your technique will improve anyway.
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Though in real life, I just do whatever I want to. I work a little for guitar, practicing scales every once in a while, but I don't find it fun. Once guitar is not fun anymore, it loses all its purpose for me.
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