Hey guys. I'm wondering what kind of chords(including alterations/voicings/use of 7ths, etc) are generally used in funk music, and what progressions are used?

Thanks for any help
Find some funk, listen to it and analyse it. That;s the best way to find out.

In general though, Pentatonics are used quite a lot.
Many chords are played with 7's
Often dorian tonality (n6) is played with minor pentatonics.

In terms of bass (which is what i play funk on) I tend to find myself grooving most on the root, n6, and b7. I also include b5's a bit and readily switch between b3 and n3 throughout the song. Not dissimilar from blues in that respect.
I'm pretty familiar with funk from a melodic player, since my main instrument is the saxophone. I'm just not that well versed in the chord progressions, voicings, and alterations, and my ear isn't really good enough to identify the altered chords and such. Thanks for the info.
funk is surprisingly easy. most blues progressions will work with it, and sometimes just staying on one chord (preferably 9ths and minor 7ths) are really good sounding, with the occasional half step down/whole step up movement.
ex. Bbminor-cminor etc.
it's all in the strum if you ask me.
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