i used to go with a hard case every time. i felt it was more protective. but lately i've been going with softer cases since i never fly.

i have a tric case for my seagull parlor, and i have a like/hate relationship with it. it's basically foam with nothing over it - if my cats figure this out, it's doomed. this kind of semi hard case is always larger than a hard case because it's hard foam, but it's also lighter. the tric has latches, which is good in a way but inconvenient on such a large case. i think i'm going to buy the hard case for the parlor - the tric case is a bit frustrating to open and close in smaller spaces, and the hard case isn't that heavy.

i have a roadrunner for my s6. don't love the zipper, but i do like that the foam is covered. it feels stiffer than the tric case, and is the same size even though it's holding a dread rather than a parlor. probably a wolf pac would have been better, but the roadrunner is actually pretty good.

my beater lives in the nicely padded gig bag it came in, and it actually hangs on the back of the door, the door set up so it can't open wide and whack the guitar. the gig bag is perfect for my beater, and having it on the door makes it SO easy to grab!

so what cases do you have and which do you prefer?

btw, i thought i'd mention here that nothing smells as good as the inside of a martin hard case
Hard case.

It's a footstool when i need one, extra-protective for a guitar I love, and traditional.
My God, it's full of stars!
otp, if we're bringing basses into it, my rik lives in its original rik hard case at all times. i waited 15 years to get that bass, and i want to protect it as much as possible. back when i used to gig a lot, i'd just put my bass - it was a fender - in a backpack style gigbag, which i wore until it was time to play.

btw, i prefer hard cases. unlike Dreadnought, i haven't tried 'em as footstools but i do like the extra protection.
i'm not rubbing it in - i'm reminding myself i finally have one! it's a 1984 i got used at a gc. it took me 15 years to find it and 8 months of layaway payments to get it home. the case was gravy, 'cause no one there knew it had a case until the day before i finally picked it up. awesome, because after paying it off, paying for a case would have been rough.
azure blue, and it's the first year they were made to take roundwound strings (this was news to me). my husband was sure i'd need a new amp to do it justice, but actually the rik makes everything i plug it into sound great.

and since this is a thread about cases? the case is very well made, rectangular, not too heavy, the plush is in great condition, the case is molded to fit the bass and has very good locks. and to think, i wanted a coffin case

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^ No, you're rubbing it in! Nah, I'm just kidding. I love the Rickenbacker sound, but I'd never know what to do with one if I found it.

Anyway, congrats on finally getting one -- yours is blue, right? Everything about it just sounds awesome.
For My Alvarez, I use the case that came with it; It's massive Alvarez Case; It's like a cross between a hardshell and a gig bag; It's sturdy enough to protect it like a hardcase and keep it humidified (my issue now is getting a humidifier), but it has the carriability (is that even a word?) of a gig bag; So I can walk around school with it on my back.

My Strat (when being taken out of my house) resides in a nice TKL Hardshell case, with gold latches and everything; It was kinda smelly when I got it, so I through an orange car airfreshener in it; No plastic or anything; For a while it was like getting a blast of Orange smell to the face.

My cheap Gibson Baldwin Music education electric lies in a cheap generic Musician's friend Les Paul case.

My Cheap Washburn Lyon lies in a case that my Mom's boyfriend found in the trunk of a car at the salvage yard he works at.
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You win this thread. Pipe organs FTW.

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