this is a trial song that i did any feedback would be good. first time doing this sounds like it take something out of my song. plus any ideas of how to record with a single coil pickup with out that noise would be helpful. cheers and rock on!
not bad song writing, the tone was pretty bad, you should look into humbuckers for that style of music. Also there was no solid ending, just kind of drifted off, and the rythme guitar under the solo sounded out of tune. I lived the overall feel off it tho.
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It sounds good musically, but the tone is horrible. One, you used way too much gain, so it made it really muddy and shrilly. Two, single coils are not the best for high gain stuff.

If you really want to use single coils to play and record high gain music, you need to learn double tracking very well. Use about half the gain you where, and play the same part twice, or 4 times, and then pan them out to each side.

Try that and you should be good. But if you want to go humbuckers, he's what you can expect, I use EMG's. Here's something I wrote yesterday, you can just listen to it, or crit it.
Thanks guys. yer it sounds to much hey ill keep the idea but try using a different guitar to recored with. i just bought that guitar so i thought ide try it. its a gibson les paul junior biily joe edition it sounds nice just that single coil hum annoys me. cheers!
Man, that hum has an overtone that is seriously annoying; it just cuts through even that horrible tone. Keep the idea, program some new drums and re-record using a decent tone and really work on your timing.

I don't think it's the rhythm under the lead that's out of tune, it's probably poor intonation higher on the neck and odd note choices in the lead.
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