Hey, I'm looking to buy a new amp for home practice, playing with a drummer and small gigs. I've been looking at the Fender Blues Junior and Fender Super Champ XD. But I cant decide which to get. Has anyone got any suggestions/advice for me? Does the Blues Junior have a better tone? Is it worth the extra cash? I mainly play blues, classic rock, pop, jazz and hard rock My budget is around $500

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I was in the same way when I made my decision. I went with the Blues Junior. For a 15 w amp this rattles the walls when cranked up. Has tone out of this world. I am mostly a blues/Gilmour type player not into the death metal and it covers everything I want. If I do get a wild hair I just throw a Metal pedal with it and I have no problem getting the Rammstein, Metallica, Black Sabbath sound. If you haven't done it take you guitar to the music store and try them both out. Play all tpes that you play at different volumes. Let the amp MAKE you decide which is better.

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can you get used amps in your area.

around here a blues junior can be had used for about $300-350.

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