Hey UG,

Ive read so many threads where people have had problems, and you guys have sorted it out in minutes. Now i am just wondering if you guys could do the same for me.

For the last 2 years i have been doing a lot of acoustic stuff, performing and various places, i.e. coffee houses and charity gigs. however a few months ago i turned 17 and sold a lot of my gear to fund a car, and insure it, tax it, blah blah blah. Being a student its hard to make ends meet and sadly i had to sacrifice some of my stuff to keep me a float.

any way, sob story over.

in this last fews months, a few friends and i have decided to re-form our old band, and really make a go of it. the drummer has connections, and is currently arranging some gigs. This is all very exciting, but I HAVE NO GEAR.

i currently own a takamine acoustic guitar, a yamaha RGX and a second hand fender tele, and the amp i play through is a crappy Vox AD50VT <---- eurgghhhh i know.

My question is, What Amp set up would you guys reccomend for me, that will be capeable for giging. Combo? Combo + Cab? Head and Cab?

I have been out of touch for so long, i need your help

I think some specifics would help people answer this. Give us an idea on

1. Price range
2. Style of music
sorry, missed those key things out.

price range, i guess up to would like to only spend £1000 but i know this is unrelistic. buying differnt bits of kit in different stages would help, so i save up more, i.e cab then head, coz i think i could hook up my ad50vt to a cab.

and wed be playing, blues come indie come classic rock sort of stuff. need crytal cleans, with good distortion and drive
^ hard to make ends meet, and you have £1000 to spend?!?

At that sort of price you have an awful lot of options, including a good lot of half stack. The first thing i would not do is get an extension cab for you AD50vt. It's not going to have much effect on how it sounds and is going to be a lot of wasted money until you get a proper head.

if you don't want to spend all £1000 at once why not get a combo? i'm guessing you're not going to be selling out 1000+ gigs for a while so you could just get a medium size combo amp for ~£600-800 which would suit your needs (as well as taking up less space)

Vox AC30: £650
Fender princeton: £700
Orange rocker: £675

they also do equivalents ~£200 cheaper, which are still very good quality, with brilliant cleans and a fair bit of drive