I just heard some doctor on the radio talking about how stress and anxiety causes inflamation, so you'd get tendonitis if you had it right? Or are there any that break that? I think it's why I can't get rid of my tendonitis, I've been to a doctor and done everything I know to get rid of it but it's not working.

not sure i quite see what you're saying or why it's relevant to the thread title.
Yes virtuoso's can have depression, and probably quite often do. It's common among all artists that the emotional stress of the art you make can often cause depression.

If you get tendonitis there are exercises etc. you can do to reduce it. I don't doubt that stress probably doesn't help it heal, but there again stress doesn't really help anything.

Since i can't give medical advice here, i would just say, if you are under continuous periods of stress then you need to seek medical advice, and if the stress is from one source speak to the people involved and make sure they know that they are making you medically ill and that you may need a break now and again.
Are you saying your a virtuoso? That's kind of cocky don't you think? And if you're calling yourself a virtuoso wouldn't you know if you could get depressed or not? This thread makes no sense.
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musicians and science. they are like coffee and soy sauce. they dont mix....

if one thing appears to influence another it does not mean that one will always lead to another. if you have depression, that does not necessarily mean that it is the cause of the tendonitis. but hell, if you have depression, that is a much more serious problem anyways.
Yes, virtuosos can suffer from depression...

...you can too.
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Timo Tolkki, Tuomas Holopainen, and Devin Townsend. They suffered depression
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what is this i don't even

Of course virtuosos can get depression. Why would you possibly think otherwise?
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Actually, when you become a virtuosic instrumentalist, you become immune to all types of disease, all need for sleep is removed, some even say you age more slowly!

But really, this is ridiculous.
Hooray! I have reached technical mastery on my instrument...this should sort out all of life's problems.
So a doctor on the radio said stress and anxeity directly causes inflamation of tendons? And therefore, if your depression is caused by stress and anxiety, then you also are at risk for inflamation?
How do we affirm causation or if it is merely correlation?

Is it possible your depression is caused by inability to play guitar from the pain of tendonitis, which causes great anxiety and stress due to lack of creative outlet of your alleged virtuoso skills?
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Hooray! I have reached technical mastery on my instrument...this should sort out all of life's problems.

i lol'ed
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