Okay, when I first picked up the guitar I was listening to a lot of metal and hard rock and so was the guy who urged me to learn and taught me how so up to now (about a year and a half into play) I've only played hard rock and metal songs because that's all I really know. It's starting to get boring now, it's not like I don't like the songs that I've learned, I'm just getting bored with the fast paced riffs and whatnot and I'd like to play something a little soulful.

Jazz or blues right? Right. But I don't know the first thing about either. I don't even know who to listen to to get a taste for either genre. I once heard ZZ Top described as a metal blues band or something similar and I listened to a little bit of them and really like the way the guitar is played in it.

Anyways, can some of you guys throw out some band names to for me to look into and tips on learning to play the blues or jazz? Much appreciated.

tl;dr: Bored of metal, want blues.
I don't really have a suggestion other than the obvious ones (SRV, maybe Hendrix as a mid point between blues and rock), but the cool thing is that so much of metal and rock is rooted in the blues. Other than the real classically influenced stuff, a lot of metal is just blues type licks played faster and with more distortion. So your existing skills should transfer pretty well.