I just wanted to let people know that I upgraded the bridge in my 1995 MIM strat with the bridge from guitar fetish:


Let me tell you, this is the best thing I have done to my strat besides replacing the pickups. Everything sounds much tighter and the bottom end is way better. The new block is about 4 times bigger than the old one and it makes a big difference.

Just a little FYI if you're looking to upgrade your strat.
that looks sweet. I might be looking into that. My strat knock-off is sweet, but the bridge hurts my hand when muting, especially with faster riffs and sequences.
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Thanks for that I was looing into upgrading my strat trem, not sure if i should go for this or the 2 pole usa styled trem, or the wilkinson replacement.

Might just be cheap and go for that one though, since i lost my trem arm and cant be bothered finding a replacement.
From what I understand, the outer two screws really do all the work anyway regardless if you have the 6 screw type tremolo system or the new 2 screw type. In fact, Fender's description on how to add a new bridge specifically says:

Then loosen all six screws located at the front edge of the bridge plate, raising them so that they all measure approximately 1/16" (1.6 mm) above the top of the bridge plate. Then tighten the two outside screws back down until they're flush with the top of the bridge plate. The bridge will now pivot on the outside screws, leaving the four inside screws in place for bridge stability.

That's exactly what I did when I put the new tremolo in and it works perfectly.