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I've bought a Hughes & Kettner CC 412 A 30 (speaker cabinet) and a Peavey 6505 Plus Head (amplifier).

My question is about the impendance settings.

The cabinet speaker
Has a Mono/Stereo switch
Has two jack inputs
Facing the cabinet from behind I read the text on the left jack input side:
Stereo R 8 Ω
Mono 4 Ω
On the right jack input side:
Stereo L 8 Ω
Mono 16 Ω

The amp
Has two jack inputs for speaker cabinets.
Has a switch: 4 Ω - 8 Ω - 16 Ω

My questions are - When i want the speaker in stereo, do I use two cables? And what settings are used for amp and cabinet then? If one cable, which side do I connect it to (when facing it from behind)?

Can I buy another equal cabinet and use both as stereo setting?

Would I notice any difference by the stereo and mono setting?

Porbably got more questions about this, but i'll leave it like this for now.

Thanks for reading
Easy way: Set the cab to mono, set the amp to 16 ohm, plug into the 16 ohm side of the cab. Either jack on the amp.

Stereo won't do you any good with only one amp.
Basically as you may or may not know stereo is two signals (left and right) combined into one, it has many applications but the main two are playing two amps at once and wet/dry signals. If you want to play two amps at once all you need to do is buy 2 amps that run at 8 ohms then you can play them simultaneously through the same cab. For wet/dry its a tad more complicated, basically you have one amp head without effects (dry) and one amp with (wet), you run them at the same time in the aforementioned way and you get an awesome layered sound.

But now for your questions-

Yes, connect two heads separately to either side.

You can but that would defeat the purpose of a single stereo cabinet

YES! See above explanation.
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schtick_bomb: Thanks for the throughout explanation.

Does anyone have a site or a book to recommend about the subject of ambs/cabs/effects? I think there might be much more things my Peavey can do than I know of. It's a junlge out there!